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The Space Needle is a spaceship—a vessel for exploration and observation.



The Space Needle had become stodgy and stale. It needed a spiritual and experiential revival—a new, relevant reason for people to visit. A new vision was essential in making the next 50 years as monumental as the first. 

Following delivery of the Space Needle’s new website in 2013, we were hired to concept an upgraded customer journey that would modernize the property and ensure that it exceeds the competitive landscape among other towers and attractions. Our approach re-imagined all aspects of the customer experience and considered every touch point along the customers' journey from the moment you get your ticket, to when you're back on the couch. Architecture, digital platforms and most importantly, a powerful narrative, were included in our vision.



From there, we designed and architected an integrated group of digital platforms -- a multi-touch media wall, interactive kiosks, a mobile app, the 50-year Panorama Camera and the ultimate selfie --all of which are tied together through the Space Needle’s new social platform, Spacebook. Following approval, we were then tasked with bringing these ideas to life through the creation of content, and the leadership and integration of development and technology partners who collectively would deliver the experience. 

Creating digital platforms on the Observation Deck were Phase One in bringing our narrative to life, by presenting experiential opportunities that involve visitors and allow them to see and document their participation. 

This wasn't about technology, it was about fascination.

The experiential opportunities allow the visitor to experience new types of vision, new ways to observe, and new ways to explore the city below through an interactive media wall, a set of iterative kiosks and mobile app.



The Explorer’s Log is a collective, visitor-generated photographic timeline of real Space Needle related memories, commemorating the visitors that have made the Space Needle the icon that it is. The Log features a diverse spectrum of user-submitted photos, ranging from a recent selfie on the observation deck, to an aged Seattle skyline found at the bottom of a shoebox, mixed with images from the Space Needle’s rich visual past.

The Explorer’s Log records the visitor’s trace, transforming guests from passersby to people who are an integral part of the exhibit. It’s a platform for making memories and creating a medium for exchange between visitors and the Space Needle. Visitors can participate, see their influence on the wall and in return, learn a bit about the Needle and capture and share those mementos through their SpaceBook.



Immerse yourself in 52 years of sunsets, celebrations, history and imagination. SkyPad’s 20’ x 8’ high-definition touchscreen is the world's largest visitor-generated, photographic timeline, commemorating the people that made the Space Needle the icon that it is. Make your mark on the global guest book or upload your Needle memories to share with the world.



The app is the explorers' mobile guide—a mobile platform that personalizes, collects and curates the visitor’s experience and serves as the connective thread between the visitor, the city, and the Space Needle.

The app considers all three parts of the journey—before, during and after your visit. The Space Needle App is comprised of multiple experiences, from games to augmented reality experiences to useful visitor information at the Space Needle and throughout Seattle. Users can gain information about the Seattle skyline front the O-Deck and access an extensive visual history of the Space Needle's architecture, including initial design illustrations and photos of its' creators.





The Space Needle is all about making memories for their visitors. So we gave them Spacebook—the Space Needle's very own social platform. It's a complimentary digital scrapbook (free with every ticket) that gathers and stores memories of your entire Space Needle experience. Photos of the view, selfies, found points of interest, landmarks, historic images from the media wall, and snapshots from kiosks can all be captured and shared by Spacebook. Your selected content is then organized like a news feed in the order you collect it. The visitor can then share their voyage with friends and family or revisit your account down the road. 



The kiosks overlooking the view act as the visitors’ control panel, allowing them to survey the world below, augment their view and interact with the surrounding city. The 520 Teleporter allows visitors to beam directly into Seattle’s favorite spots and experience a first person perspective of what it's like to be a Seattleite. Bike the streets of Ballard, tour a houseboat, throw a 20 lb. salmon at Pike Place Market, cheer pitch-side at a Seattle Sounders match or even hike to the summit of Mt. Rainier! 



If there’s been a moment where someone hasn’t been in the act of taking a selfie up on the O-Deck, I’ve never seen it. It’s what you do up there. So we wanted kick that experience up a notch, and remove the possibility of shadowy, back-lit photo. We gave people the ultimate selfie. A picture of them on the deck, with the view in the background. Now that’s a picture you’d want to share .