Superette is your favorite food-sharing neighbor.


Superette is inspired by your neighbourhood market. Superette makes updated American comfort food—recipes that we’re warmly familiar with, reinvented to match the complexity and quality of today’s culinary expectations. The brand is bright, colourful and evokes the abundance of foods found at your local corner market—where some the freshest local ingredients are found. The custom script logo honors the uniqueness of each market and the handmade signage typical of that environment. Snappy language teleports the brand to a time and place where people waved to each other on the street and shared a cup of flour when needed. The vintage food illustrations elevate the overall look and feel, giving it a touch of sophistication, craft and warmth. The gridded compositions reflects the modularity of Superette's product and the compactness of its architecture..


Created with 51Eggs, Seattle

Published in Los Logos

Logo Design: Jason Thorton, Nate Manny & Clara Mulligan

Art Direction & Design: Clara Mulligan