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The Hofesh Shechter Company is a London-based, contemporary dance company creating performances that are part theatre, part rock gig, with a dash of filmic sensibility. HSC believes that dance has the ability to prod and poke and tap into our deepest emotions. A visceral part of what we are that we rarely access in modern life. A non-critical, non-intellectual, instinctive force beyond judgement, criticism and analysis that is essential for cultural development. Dance provides a means to discover who we really are.

A key project goals was to liberate the HSC brand from the “cultural establishment” and the box it currently places it in. We don't want to be associated with the intellectual tradition of theatre and ballet. Instead we draw our inspiration from the energy of the gig and rock concert, or the story-telling of film. Dance needs to break free, to find new spaces, new dancers, new audiences, new ways to get involved.


The logo is a chreographed dance move.

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The visual language puts dance at the core of its being. The typographic logo was drawn by the choreographed movement of a dancer through motion-capture, resulting in an abstract film that reveals the brand name. We then translated the end visual into flat and photo-realistic graphics that were then used as a key element across the identity system. The organic and visceral shapes are cut, layered and compiled again to create compositions representing the elemental, jarring and guttural nature of the performance.